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Skates and Safety Equipment


WRSSC has a large selection of speed skates available for rent at a cost of $100 per season.  Though not a dangerous sport when done properly, we want to ensure the safety of all of our skaters as speed and skate blades present a potential risk of injury so your skater will need to have some safety equipment of their own as follows:


  •  Speed Skating helmets are recommended.  Other helmets with holes less than 4 cms are acceptable.  Regular       bicycle helmets are no longer acceptable due to the length of the holes

  •   Neck guard (same as what hockey players would wear), locally available

  •   Leather or other cut-proof gloves to protect the skater’s hands and fingers

  •   Clear Safety Glasses to protect the skater’s eyes, locally available

  •   Ankle protectors to protect the skater’s ankles from cut-injuries from blades, available from the club

  •   Knee pads (similar to volleyball knee pads), locally available

  •   Elbow pads can also be considered but are not mandatory, locally available

  •   Shin guards, (soccer style) locally available

  •   Advanced skaters will require cut-proof under suits (Kevlar, Dynema) due to increased speed and pack skating (available within Club or through order)

  •   The club periodically orders speed skating equipment and may have some safety equipment available for sale.

  • For information on safety equipment, please check out the link below from Speed Skating Canada’s website:


Parental Participation

As many parents are already aware, operating the Whitehorse Rapids Speed Skating Club takes many volunteers both on and off the ice from helping to setup/take down mats for each session (we ask that parents who are dropping off or picking up their skater assist with getting the mats on or off the ice), to volunteering on the board as well as becoming an official during club meets.  We hope to involve more parents throughout the season.  Please let us know what assistance you may be able to provide to the club.

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